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Travel Info
Both the 2008 and 2009 Foundations Economic Conferences took place in the Fireside Room at the
Yukon Inn in Whitehorse, Yukon. Whitehorse is accessible by air, car
and bus. A compiled list of relevant travel information appears below. You can also contact us for more
information at conference@yidc.ca or 867.688.3908.
Funding for all First Nations
Travel and accommodation were provided in both 2008 and 2009 for up to 3 delegates from
each of the 17 Yukon and Northern B.C. First Nations.
Yukon info
Travel Yukon
Travel Yukon
Plan Your Trip: Yukon Visitor Services
Whitehorse Traveler
Whitehorse Traveler's Guide
information on Whitehorse
Air Canada
Air Canada
Flight schedule
Air North, Yukon
Air North, Yukon's Airline
Flight schedule - 1.888.247.2262
Airport Shuttle Service
Accommodation facilities in the Yukon offer Airport shuttle service or reimbursement for taxi fares to/from the Airport. Please be sure that you make arrangements for this service when you reserve your accommodation as procedures for each hotel are different.
1.800.6614011 / 1.867.667.6200
1.800.263.0600 / 1.867.668.4224
National Car Rentals (Norcan Leasing)
National Car Rentals (Norcan Leasing)
1.800.764.1234 (Canada) / 1.800.661.0445 (Western USA) / 1.867.456.2277
Taxi Companies
5th Avenue Taxi - 1.867.393.6543
Global Taxi/Global Limo Van - 1.867.633.5300
Yellow Cab - 1.867.668.4811
United Taxi - 1.867.393.2555
Yukon Taxi Service - 1.867.667.6677
Grizzly Bear Taxi - 1.867.667.4888
For more info: Candice Tarnowski or Matt Ordish, conference@yidc.ca, 867.668.3908